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Strengthen the advantages of the Plant Extractor equipment

Datetime: 2016-03-03    Visit: 1413

The enhanced Plant Extractor equipment also has the following advantages:

1. significantly shorten the extraction time, the extraction rate is faster, a larger active ingredient extraction rate, and higher efficiency;

2. the extraction time is short, reducing the dissolution of an invalid component; extract less impurity, high quality; easy separation and purification;

3. the extraction temperature is low (sometimes no heating), substantial energy saving, active ingredients to protect heat-sensitive substances were;

4. not active ingredient polarity, molecular size restrictions apply to the vast majority of Chinese herbal medicines, natural plant extracts.

The device’s design is based on the the efficient continuous countercurrent leaching principle and superimposed ultrasonic enhanced extraction principle, the main equipment in a continuous countercurrent extraction equipment based on the unique design of ultrasonic enhanced extraction device.

Has the technical characteristics of the continuous countercurrent extraction equipment, while the ultrasonic transducer and the generator is divided into multiple independent parts, single-frequency and multi-frequency ultrasound enhanced extraction.

According to the different structures the divided single spiral structure CSTQ-type X (small processing amount: leaching volume of 75-720L), double helix structure CSTQ-XD type (large processing capacity: the volume of the extractor 1200-6000L), wherein X represents M manual control version A version of automatic control.

Ultrasound enhanced extraction principle

Enhanced by Ultrasonic extraction technology active ingredients used in traditional Chinese medicine, natural plant extract, mainly using ultrasonic unique physical characteristics. When ultrasonic role in the extraction medium, to produce a strong cavitation effect, the formation of many small hole in the medium, and these small hole momentary closure to produce thousands of atmospheres of pressure, and to procure plant tissue broken, to accelerate the dissolution of the active ingredient, spread. Coupled with ultrasonic multi-level effects (such as the mechanical fluctuation or vibration, acceleration, thermal effects, emulsification, diffusion, mixing, crushing, chemical effects, etc.), and further accelerate the diffusion For extracts, ultrasound can speed up the capacity of the active ingredients of substances and efficient full dissolution, diffusion.

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