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Single Effect Outer Circulation Continuous Evaporator

Datetime: 2016-03-03    Visit: 2417

NO1 steam inlet
NO2 raw material inlet
NO3 concentrated liquid(finial product) outlet
NO4 condensed liquid outlet
NO5 cooling water inlet
NO6 cooling water outlet

1 heater
2 separator
3 condenser
4 the discharge pump
5 condensate pump
6 water ring type vacuum pump

    Main function:

    This product is used in the pharmaceutical, starch, glucose, food, chemical industries such as liquefied gas material concentration.

    Performance characteristics:

    This equipment is mainly used for material concentration. Equipment using column pipe heat cycle and multistage condensing principle, the evaporation speed, concentration proportion. All equipment used high-quality stainless steel materials SUS304 manufacturing anti-corrosion performance, compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, convenient installation, conform to "GMP " standard.

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