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  • Features of the Evaporation Vessel
    Features of the Evaporation Vessel2016-03-03

    1. the inner diameter of the evaporator is φ200mm, and the height of about 100 mm of metal round pots.
    2. Evaporator for metal circular structure, the wall should be smooth, without defects such as burrs or bumps in the blade of the evaporator.

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  • Alcohol recovery tower safety precautions
    Alcohol recovery tower safety precautions2016-03-03

    The the alcohol recovery tower by tower bottom, the tower, condenser, cooler, buffer tank, the high tank six part applies to the dilute alcohol recovery of pharmaceutical, food, light industry, chemical industry, the equipment and material contact partsstainless steel SUS304 or SUS316L manufacturing of are used, with good resistance to corrosion, and has energy-saving, environmental protection, reduce production costs, improve efficiency advantages. This device can be 30 degrees to 50 degrees dilute alcohol distillation to 93 degrees to 95 degrees, the residue emissions containing alcohol degrees, to comply with environmental requirements.

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  • Scraper film evaporator has the following properties and characteristics
    Scraper film evaporator has the following properties and characteristics2016-03-03

    Scraper film evaporator has the following performance characteristics:
    1. the heat transfer coefficient is high, the evaporation capacity 200kg/m2 · hr evaporation strength can be achieved, and high thermal efficiency.
    2. material heating time is short, about 5-10 seconds, and the work under vacuum conditions more favorable heat-sensitive materials to maintain a variety of ingredients does not produce any decomposition, to ensure product quality.

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  • Seven performance characteristics of the rotary film evaporator
    Seven performance characteristics of the rotary film evaporator2016-03-03

    Unique structural design of the rotary film evaporator, the product can handle some conventional evaporator is not easy to deal with high viscosity, containing particles, heat-sensitive, and easy-to-crystalline materials. Rotary film evaporator operating flexibility, and stability of the operating conditions, the workload is small, easy maintenance. GXZ efficient rotation Dimensions and technical parameters of the thin-film evaporator

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  • Film evaporator has the following unique advantages
    Film evaporator has the following unique advantages2016-03-03

    1. Minimal pressure loss.
    2. can achieve the operation genuine under vacuum conditions.
    3. high heat transfer coefficient, high evaporation strength.
    4. Low evaporation.
    5. Overcurrent short time.

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  • The distillation process of the Alcohol Recovery Distiller liquid separator
    The distillation process of the Alcohol Recovery Distiller liquid separator2016-03-03

    Under conditions of a high vacuum (<10Pa), after the shortest possible distance in the heating surface is evaporated molecules reaching the condensing surface for condensation, unsaturated resin equipment in order to achieve a liquid - liquid separation of the distillation process. When the distance is less than or equal to the operation of the mean free path of the molecules is evaporated under vacuum and temperature of the heated surface and the condensation surface, the distillation process is also referred to as a molecular distillation. It has distillation high vacuum distillation temperature, heating time is short, the advantages of the degree of separation is a relatively new and not yet widely used in industrial production, separation technology.

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  • The design method of the reactive Alcohol Recovery Distiller
    The design method of the reactive Alcohol Recovery Distiller2016-03-03

    Specifically, for the effective treatment of problems of mutual coupling between the reaction operation and distilling operation in the reactive distillation column, there is provided a method for the design of the the process reinforced type reactive distillation column, the method according to the heat of reaction and the reaction mixture is the ratio of the latent heat of vaporization of the threesituation.

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  • Overview of the Alcohol Recovery Distiller and its works
    Overview of the Alcohol Recovery Distiller and its works2016-03-03

    Alcohol Recovery Distiller, chemical equipment manufacturing rare metals such as titanium materials and alloy materials have high strength, toughness, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, and other characteristics; therefore with the chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, light industry, textilealkali manufacturing, pharmaceutical, pesticide, electroplating, electronics, and other fields.

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